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I am Mirända Cherell, the founder and CEO of the Beautiful Life. Vision Advocacy and Life Design are my specialties. For a free  discovery session,                    
Why do people call me?
"I called you because I knew you were able to take my thoughts and convey them in a way that advocates what I deserve and want rather than my taking less."  
Fundraising Consultant,
Shaunice Jordan
SJ Consulting
"You motivate and enlighten others, helping them to be the best version of themselves in purpose, passion, and life. When I'm at a crossroads and need guidance and clear direction/instruction, I call Miranda. Also, to hold me accountable to what I've stated as my purpose/passion."
Claudette Price
Persevering in Prayer 
"I used TBL Consulting Group to hire a Director and Executive Assistant for my Adult Recreation and Wellness Center. It was very refreshing working with Miranda. She took the time to get to know exactly the type of person I needed. She spent time getting to know me and my business and the two people she sent me were so perfect. I hired both of them on the spot! I have always had to go through several people with other staffing agencies. However, Miranda sent me the perfect person for each position, and they are both still with me and a great addition to the team. THANK YOU, Miranda and TBL Consulting for taking the stress and headache out of the hiring process. We will call you for ALL of our hiring needs."
Founder & CEO 
Margaret's Place LLC 
"You set me up for success through your program. Taught me how to have the mindset to live my dreams. You are also very hands on with your clients that makes it almost impossible for them to fail IF they do the work." 
P. McCreary
Business Start-Up Coach
"I received life coaching with Miranda and I highly recommend it. Through her coaching, my business grew and I made various personal achievements. It was a pleasure to have her walk through the process with me."                 
 Community Resources Liaison
Janay Grayson 
Owner, Activate Your Evolution
"You are a Motivator and a passion coach. One reaches out for a reason to jump in the water. They reach out so you can help locate the fire in them. You help build innovation through passion."
Vocal Coach & Music Producer, 
Asaph Ward