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Vision Advocacy, Capacity Building, & Life Design

The Beautiful Life (TBL) was founded by Mirända Cherell. During pivotal times in life, breakthroughs occur.

"I have found that it is entirely possible to design a life that you would call beautiful.  You just need to discover and understand what you have to work with.​ Do what you are supposed to do, and God will assist you."

I am a believer, so my perspective is based on biblical principles. As a facilitator of freedom, I believe that when it comes to your life or work, you are the expert. You are creative and resourceful. I also believe that God has given you what you need to pursue your beautiful life. You simply need to focus on your tools and see the value in the tools God chose to give you. These tools comprise your unique makeup.

What I do is facilitate a course that guides you in processes to outline your goals. Then a path is created and a plan is mapped out to start completing those goals. Whether the goals be personal, professional or initiative based, this process is effective at producing transformation. 

M.Ed.  |  Owner, CEO


Miranda Cherell 

Capacity Building

I chose my Master’s degree in Adult Learning and Organizational Leadership for a reason. It’s an extension of my passion for coaching adults and aiding in building personal and team capacity.


In my work, I shine a spotlight on awareness and the self (self-awareness, talents, skills & strengths) and on incorporating insights like critical thinking, interdisciplinarity ,existentialism, and synthesis to enhance development and build the personal capacity of the individuals and team/organization members.

The Beautiful Life(TBL) team sets its focus on coaching and leading others to advance, work toward goals, develop skills, and increase knowledge to improve performance. 

We walk beside you as we work to discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve. Beginning with self-discovery, we become accountability partners for action, helping you use your toolbox to reach success. We identify and eliminate any obstacles or hurdles that stand in your way. 

We commit to focusing on specific areas of your life, work, and career that you desire to improve or change, develop specific action steps and follow-through, understanding and agree that you are fully responsible for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our Team

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Life Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Josiah is a Social Psychology major with a Bachelor's Degree from Park University. A motivator and encourager at heart, he seeks to champion others to join TBL's Community of Doers. As a Life Consultant, he thrives on connecting with brilliant minds to gather, inspire and cause disruption to the the norm, while coaching them to pursue their visions, goals and dreams. As a Life Consultant, Motivator and Growth Coach, Josiah is inspired by opportunities to push others to put in hard work to develop themselves and to Make it Happen! 


Creative Media &
Communications Consultant

Randi has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, from Northwest Missouri State University. However, upon graduation, she hit the ground running straight into creative, planning and organizational spaces. She offers creative assistance to individuals and companies for web design, custom graphics, content creation, and copywriting, as well as as good old administration and project management. She is driven by results. Instead of focusing on clients  booking  services, she is dedicated to you, the client, what you want and how she can help you to achieve it.

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Project Design Consultant

Asaph holds a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Digital Media from Northwest Missouri State University. Asaph is a Digital Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Designer and Web Developer, who uses his love for art to translate client's visions into visual messages and optical narratives. He is highly experienced in developing long lasting relationships and maintaining project goals. His keen eye for detail and organizational skills enhance client projects and drive his approach to managing project and client relationships

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