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Life by Design 

If you desire to take control of your life, our services are designed to help you to evaluate where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. We can help you to design a plan that maps out your desires & goals and the necessary steps to achieving them. The Beautiful Life teaches you how to reach within, find your focus and make your own path to attaining your Beautiful Life.  We specialize coaching individuals to personal success, professional development, entrepreneurship and also for mission-driven initiatives.


Mirända Cherell



The Beautiful Life was founded by Mirända Cherell.

Mirända reached a pivotal time in her life and began to

seek her freedom by breaking the chains in her career, her relationships and her spiritual life. In the process she made

a discovery.  It is entirely possible to design your life.  You

just need to discover and understand what you have to

work with.

"Do what you are suppose to do and God will assist you."

                                              Mirända Cherell

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