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Beauty Secrets

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Broken crayons still work in brokenness

Broken Crayons

Broken crayons have just as much color as the unbroken ones. You simply have to adjust a little bit to continue your work. But the final outcome can still be the same beautiful work of art. Except, you'll appreciate it more because you put in more effort because of the brokenness...


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Your Beautiful
Life Awaits...

You don’t always need money. Sometimes, all you need is a plan.


Make definitive decisions about who you want to be, how you want to be and what you want to do TBL can help you with the how in achieving your goals.


move the chess piece


In order to get in position...


You've got to move!


Motion is required.


What is the Beautiful Life?

Living a Beautiful Life means something different for each individual.

For one, living a Beautiful Life may mean living a life of peace. For another, it may be achieving career success.


You decide what a Beautiful Life is to you.

My Beautiful Life mantra affirms,


"You already possess the necessary tools to attain your beautiful life".

The tools are already there!


...You may just need assistance in bringing them to the forefront.

Discover your beautiful life today.

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What is the beautiful life?
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