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Attain Your Beautiful Life

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Passion, Livelihood & Efficacy

Personal Capacity Building


PLE is designed to focus on identifying career, professional, educational, and self-actualizing goals, then plans are created to achieve those goals.


Building personal capacity involves making necessary changes

and putting in the work to move yourself forward.


The program aids in developing your ability to see where you can go, then we make steps that lead you in that direction, and finally your goal is achieved.

Patricia McCrary Entrepreneur Testimonial life coaching
"You set me up for success through your program. Taught me how to have the mindset to live my dreams. You are also very hands on with your clients that makes it almost impossible for them to fail IF they do the work."

       Patricia McCreary, Business Start-Up Coach

Personal Freedom


        Life Coaching


These sessions are casual coaching sessions that you help guide. Let's sit down and talk about it.

Set on the premise of free-association, sessions are less structured to encourage genuine expression.

Sessions are informal and pay as you go.

Asaph Ward Testimonial Entrepreneur Life Coaching
"You are a Motivator and a passion coach. One reaches out to you for a reason to jump in the water. They reach out so you can help locate the fire in them. You help build innovation through passion."

       Asaph Ward, Vocal Coach & Music Producer

10 Weeks to Freedom

Life-changing coaching program


In my PF10 program, I guide you through ten phases.
In those 10 1-hour sessions, you will uncover the value in your talents and potentialities, your dreams & passions, and what is really getting in your way.

But we won't stop there. This program is structured much like a course with weekly assignments and is designed to foster transformation.

By the end, you will have implemented an action plan & already made real action steps toward the new life you are building.


“You motivate and enlighten others, helping them to be the best version of themselves in purpose, passion, and life. When I'm at a crossroads and need guidance and clear direction/instruction, I call Miranda. Also, to hold me accountable to what I've stated as my purpose/passion."

Claudette Price, Author

“It was very refreshing working with Miranda. She took the time to get to know exactly the type of person I needed. She spent time getting to know me and my business and the two people she sent me were so perfect."

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