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  • Miranda Cherell

Designing Remote Learning: Part 1

Building Organizational Competency for Innovation in the Remote Workplace

Designing remote professional development that promotes community, collaboration, personalization, and reflection will lead to deeper learning and more meaningful experiences for your participants.

Here are four components to consider when designing your remote professional development program.

Create a Community of Learners

Your culture should encourage feelings of empathy, collaboration, and genuine dialogue.

Create a culture that encourages empathy, collaboration, and genuine dialogue by utilizing digital tools and an intentional approach based on remote learning.

Build Collaborative Experiences

Modify peer-learning strategies to suit remote settings. Create highly collaborative experiences like peer work examination in small remote breakout groups.

Cultivate Personalized Learning

Stimulate professional growth & learner engagement with experiences that accommodate different levels of expertise and needs. It is more likely to deepen knowledge and improve participant skills.

Build in Reflective Practice

Allow remote workers to stop, turn away from their camera, and move away from the screen to write or think to minimize the effects of screen apnea.

Need help with your professional team development?

Working in teams can be difficult, especially in the remote environment. And if your organization is new to microlearning, or does not already have a learning culture already built into the structure, this information can be overwhelming. But important, nonetheless.

Fortunately, TBL Consulting offers group and individual coaching that aims to pull remote teams back together. Our coaching is not only effective, but guides your company on a path to long-term success. So no matter what harsh changes your business goes through, the foundation of learning will always be there to help pick up the pieces.

If one of the following applies to you or your team, let's have a chat!

  • desire professional development

  • wish to make learning a part of your culture

  • want to improve communication and productivity

  • aspire to increase employee retention and satisfaction



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