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Learning Culture in Remote Workplaces

The Rise of Remote Work Environments

"Happy employees often are synonymous with happy customers and happy customers = happy shareholders," (Joanne Smith, Delta Airlines, 2007).

For learning to be effective, knowledge must be related to the business. Shared learning enables companies to increase staff & solve problems more efficiently. The rise of e-learning in a culture of remote work empowers and enables employees to take control of their learning and up-skill in a manner that suits their specific needs.


Advantages of Learning Culture in Remote Teams

Implementing a learning culture within your business comes with benefits may surprise you. While time is money and time is being spent on learning, you get your time and investment back just from implementing the programs because of what they bring to the table.


With your learning program in place, potential workers can pick up the company's policies & procedures as well as culture with little effort, the transition taking much less time and internal effort versus throwing them to the wolves, as they say.

And this doesn't only work for your new hires. Existing employees can refresh their skills and knowledge with ease, or even pick up something new as they switch job positions. That stressful transitional time of performance insecurity can be nipped by having the appropriate program in place to support that employee through to early success!

Employee Retention

There is an 'improvement mindset' among employees. We are not only concerned with their job performance, but more importantly, their professional growth. We are investing our time and money to pour into them. But it won't only be for them. Equipped with the right tools and education, employee efficiency skyrockets! And this means increases in productivity and profit, too.

Just imagine how scenarios like these could transform an employee. Their company is investing in their success and acknowledging the value they bring to the organization. Across the board, this significantly improves employee satisfaction while decreasing turnover.

It's a win-win!

Connection & Access

Within any organization, we want each cog to be connected—to be able to positively contribute to the success of the overall goal or desired outcome. With a culture of learning, paired with a remote work environment, we can make connections across departments and interpersonal relationships we never would have before.

Building a Learning Culture Remotely

"Remote work, in full or in part, has become a reality for most organizations today. Organizations need to be ready to adapt to meet the evolving needs and expectations of current and future employees." (Jill Skene, 2021)

Creating a vibrant culture learning requires all hands on deck:

Involve Every Level of Organization

  • Make in-office and remote learning equal

  • Avoid headquarter-heavy decisions

  • Have leaders share insights

  • Promote learning & allow all employees the same learning opportunities

Set Expectations Around Work & Learning

  • Adjust methods of managing remote workers

  • Use strategies to avert remote-worker burnout & disengagement

  • Use additional cultural reinforcements to foster remote workers' development

  • Place importance on practicing the skill of prioritization

Make Your LMS the Center of Your Community

  • Set reminders to regularly update LMS

  • Create an engagement calendar for community-building

  • Schedule regular company-wide discussion forums

  • Connect other business tools to your LMS

  • Rewards employees both in-office and remotely for participating

Leadership in a Learning Culture

The ultimate goal here should be to foster organizational advancement and allow the culture to evolve.

Advice for Leaders

  • Don't sacrifice culture to reduce costs

  • Build culture into long-term endurance plans

  • Use culture as a competitive edge

  • Use culture to attract best candidates

  • Ask employees if culture is supported

Cultivation is Key

  • Honor & identify strengths of the cultures

  • Build strategy & leadership based on culture

  • Align strategies for Breakthrough Performance

  • Foster shared value

  • Used shared value to move culture forward

Need help with your professional team development?

Working in teams can be difficult, especially in the remote environment. And if your organization is new to microlearning, or does not already have a learning culture already built into the structure, this information can be overwhelming. But important, nonetheless.

Fortunately, TBL Consulting offers group and individual coaching that aims to pull remote teams back together. Our coaching is not only effective, but guides your company on a path to long-term success. So no matter what harsh changes your business goes through, the foundation of learning will always be there to help pick up the pieces.

If one of the following applies to you or your team, let's have a chat!

  • desire professional development

  • wish to make learning a part of your culture

  • want to improve communication and productivity

  • aspire to increase employee retention and satisfaction



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