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  • Randi Ward

Strategies to Enhance Organizational Performance

The Rise of Remote Work Environments

"The biggest impact of Covid-19 may be remote work," (Forbes, 2020).

In fact, location is losing importance in the hiring process in many companies. Increases in remote work is expected to become the new normal. This new workplace adds to the importance of upskilling and workplace education. Remote learning & development is integral to company success.


Knowledge Sharing in Remote Work

Knowledge sharing will help you in three ways:

  • Improve Communication

  • Promote Innovation

  • Save Time & Resources

Build a Knowledge Management System

Build a system built specifically for knowledge management. It should capture, process, document & organize any collective knowledge acquired among the organization.

Choose the Right Approach

Codification involves digital systems for storing & accessibility, while personalization involves direct employee transfer.

Promote Knowledge Sharing

Actively promote and discuss the importance of knowledge sharing as a value of the company. By using incentives and techniques like recognition, rewards, and leading by example.

Learning Processes

Having learning processes in place provides employees with opportunities to expand professional development and bring more to the table. And it's okay to get creative!

"...guided tutoring session between randomly paired sales team members improved sales productivity by 24%." (Taskade, 2021).

Webinars & Virtual Classrooms

Learning won't always happen on the job. Foster a culture of utilizing webinars and virtual classrooms for professional education. Offerings don't have to be long; a short 5-10 minutes would suffice.

Use Microlearning as Actionable Info

With the microlearning programs & systems in place, you'll have an arsenal of knowledge and resources at your fingertips. And this information will be readily accessible remotely.

Learning Management System

Not to be confused with a knowledge management system, which will essentially serve as an education database. A learning management system will offer personalized, in-time training. This will involve assessing workers' skill levels and assigning _______.

Schedule Regular Meet-ups

Meetings may be utilized to discuss an organization's progress, make importance decisions, delegate tasks, and make announcements. A meet-up is a bit more informal in that it can be intended for the less-business related things.

This includes team-building exercises, leisure activities & professional development. Keeping your teams cognitive of their growth (on both individual and group levels) encourages ______.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning engages and prepares employees for long-term growth in the organization.

Create Culture of Continuous Learning

Provide just-in-time learning, skills, development, and upskilling to help employees thrive at work.

Empower Employees to Lead Their Own Learning

Give improvement ideas, coaching & offer new challenges and opportunities.

Connect Continuous Learning to Career Development

This can be done via coaching & learning opportunities, while supporting and encouraging learning.

The Bottom Line

Engaging with and preparing employees long-term will grow your organization.

Coworker Interactions

Talk to your coworkers! It will improve performance on both ends as well as increase revenue.

Employee Development

This is a continuous process that benefits the entire organization.


Encourage employee knowledge transfers by using rewards, or fostering a sense of loyalty; which results in increases of productivity, speed, agility, profits, and growth.

Need help with your professional team development?

Working in teams can be difficult, especially in the remote environment. And if your organization is new to microlearning, or does not already have a learning culture already built into the structure, this information can be overwhelming. But important, nonetheless.

Fortunately, TBL Consulting offers group and individual coaching that aims to pull remote teams back together. Our coaching is not only effective, but guides your company on a path to long-term success. So no matter what harsh changes your business goes through, the foundation of learning will always be there to help pick up the pieces.

If one of the following applies to you or your team, let's have a chat!

  • desire professional development

  • wish to make learning a part of your culture

  • want to improve communication and productivity

  • aspire to increase employee retention and satisfaction



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