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  • Miranda Cherell

The Why of The Beautiful Life, Part 1: Your "I Want to" Dilemma

The beautiful life coaching and why

The “I Want to” Dilemma

Have you ever suddenly become excited about an idea, then found yourself laying out plans in your head and using a lot of “I want to” statements and finally...doing nothing about it?

“Some innovative organizations have recognized that offering coaching as an employee benefit is a smart move for all involved.” (Gallo, 2019)


Me too.

In my life, I have been unexpectedly overcome with really good ideas and a temporary motivation to do new things. But then I find that it can be challenging to keep that motivation alive and to actually do something about it.

Why does this happen to us?

  1. We don’t think we have the kind of time it would require to give it proper attention.

  2. It's something We’ve never done before.

  3. We have no experience or knowledge, whatsoever to call on to get started.

  4. "There's only one person in my corner rooting for me." (It's ME!)

Does this sound familiar?

It's okay.

That’s why the Beautiful Life is here; to help you realize your dreams and make them reality.

And more importantly, no more “I want to” statements without action!

Let's talk

You may have something you've always wanted to do and have no clue where to start or how to begin.

Don't just sit on your wants and talents...Let's make it happen!

Bring me your "I want to" in a free session now.

👉🏾 Schedule here.

Can't wait to talk!



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