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The Why of The Beautiful Life, Part 2: Consulting & Coaching

The beautiful life coaching and why

The Beautiful Life

The Why

The main principle of the Beautiful Life is that regardless of what you believe you want to be, or what you want to do, you can pursue your life’s purpose. Don't let uncertainty keep you from reaching your dreams nor the lack of knowledge, because guess what...?

You’ve already been given the tools you need to obtain your Beautiful Life. In fact, you were born with them!

Sometimes, we simply need to be reminded that we have these tools, that they are valuable and that they can be used to seek and attain our beautiful life.

How I Help My Clients

I help to plan and build their passions, then close the knowledge gap by finding solutions for what they don’t know, and work to keep the fire they have. I know this is not a journey that's easy to take alone. Relax. I'm here.

My clients typically have a few things in common:

They all want to be ‘something’ or accomplish something that life (or their mindset) hasn’t afforded, and they just aren't sure how to begin. Some just need someone to believe in them, while others need direction.

I can help you to gain clarity, confidence, and drive; then we can create a plan and navigate through it so change can occur.

Some of My Previous & Current Work and the Roles I Play

Trusted Advisor & Mentor

  • Brainstorming Sessions ⁠— One of my specialties; Forming and building details around your wants, ideas, and desired outcomes.

  • Dedicated Confidante ⁠— When you need an objective, unbiased listener who hears your heart.

  • Personal Development ⁠— I help others to seek and gain direction on how to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Often we desire “more” from life, but feel uncertain about how to do it.

  • Youth Group Mentoring ⁠— Involves personal and professional development with the aim of preparing and securing the future.

Business Solutions & Consulting

  • Brand Development & Image Consulting ⁠— Both professional and personal reconstruction of a brand, project, or individual with a specific purpose or business in mind.

  • Small Business Consulting ⁠— Includes start-up solutions, business design, and remodels.

  • Organizational ⁠— Start-up and consultation for ministries, charities, and foundations.

  • Special Major Projects ⁠— I provided assistance in organizing and coordinating fundraising events, art shows, and performances.

Let's talk

You may have something you've always wanted to do and have no clue where to start or how to begin.

Don't just sit on your wants and talents...Let's make it happen!

Bring me your "I want to" in a free session now.

👉🏾 Schedule here.

Can't wait to talk!



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