Curriculum Vitae

I am an interdisciplinarian! 
Interdisciplinarians, such as myself are unique, expert problems solvers and we thrive on seeking new methods for finding resolution to questions, issues and problems. In addition to my focus in Social Psychology and Organizational Communications, I bring the skill of integration through interdisciplinarity. This makes me a more well-rounded, efficient and creative problem solver. Try me! I've sharpened my skills of affecting individuals and causing them to look inward to discover what they want for their lives. I listen with intentionality and then we move on to action steps. My desire is to influence others to seek lives that they would call beautiful.
Personal Freedom
The Beautiful Life was founded by Mirända Cherell and is based on the belief that  God has already given us the tools we need to seek and attain a Beautiful Life. It is entirely possible to design your Beautiful Life and achieve it. You just need to discover and understand what you have to work with and how to use it.
I am an adaptable and experienced professional with exceptional communication, presentation, and negotiation skills. I am extremely passionate about making a positive impact in my community and encouraging others to elevate. 
Park University (Expected May 2022)
Master of Education
Organizational Leadership & Adult Learning  
Park University May 2020
Bachelor of Science 
Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Communication & Social Psychology
*Magna Cum Laude
*Sigma Alpha Pi 


Metropolitan Community Colleges May 2007
Associate of Arts
Fashion Design 
*Awarded with Honors
Metropolitan Community Colleges May 2006
Associate of Arts
Merchandising May 2006
*Phi Theta Kappa
*Awarded with Honors