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  • Miranda Cherell

Improve Work Satisfaction with Life Coaching

What's the Connection?

We already know that life coaching helps people to understand themselves in a fuller capacity, and can forge a path to attaining fulfillment in both their lives and careers.

So what if companies joined with these types of services and offered them to you, their employee? Just image the incredible growth you could make in your career, and be happy about it!

“Some innovative organizations have recognized that offering coaching as an employee benefit is a smart move for all involved.” (Gallo, 2019)

How Professional Coaching Benefits You

Develop your Skills

Skills are learned abilities we use to perform actions that get us certain results. With any job, skills are required to get the job done. Whether technical or social, coaching provides opportunities to identify, contemplate, and actively improve your professional skills with confidence and strategy.

Set & Achieve Real Goals

An essential part of any phase of life is setting goals and achieving them.

Goal setting helps to develop new habits and behaviors by activating new triggers and creating new focus. Once goals are identified, you become more self-aware of intentional planning.

Professional coaching provides employees with an accountability partner, guide, or mentor that will keep them stay on track and attain their goals.

Work Life Balance

Keeping a work-life balance is a difficult task we all struggle with, which makes having a coach even more worthwhile.

There is a mindful shift from ‘work hours’ to ‘work outcomes’. You become more aware of your output and the steps required to get there. We may find that your time could be used more wisely to meet that goal while working in less stressful ways.

You’ll find yourself enjoying your personal time much more, and changing how you approach assignments, all leading to a more fulfilling and transformative work experience.



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